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Celebrated for its appeal, adored for its content, and revered for its grass-roots qualities, Living Proof Magazine remains cherished, collected, inspiring, meaningful, and unmistakable.

And, it's entirely FREE!

At Living Proof Magazine, we like to think of ourselves as a publication rather than a magazine. Our focus remains clear, simple, and concise–uncover and archive the insight of artists, from painters to illustrators to photographers to filmmakers and down on into the lesser known mediums like graffiti and graphic design. Through interviews, features, photo essays, and tales, we allow each artist to tell his or her story. By delving into an artist’s personal psyche, a new phenomenon and dimension to their work gives evidence to the impact that art has on our lives.

Rather than just a mere trend report, we’ve cultivated Living Proof Magazine into a basic book of facts, knowledge, stories, and pretty pictures designed to easily slide on a book shelf instead of winding up in the plastic casket that is a trash can. Why? Because it's limited edition (10,000 copies or less each issue), small format (5 x 7 and oh-so-cute), and comes uniquely wrapped in a resealable plastic bag.

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